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Access to historic data records


Daily BASCOE analyses of UARS/MLS for the period 1992-1999.
Daily BASCOE analyses of Envisat/MIPAS for the period 20020712-20040331.
12-hourly BASCOE analyses of AURA/MLS for the period 20040808-20090202.

MACC reanalysis: monthly mean maps of O3 at 50 hPa


Global monthly mean fields of the MACC reanalysis at 50 hPa, currently available for the period 2003 till Dec 2011
Assimilation of NOAA/SBUV-2, Envisat/SCIAMACHY, ERS-2/GOME, Envisat/MIPAS, AURA/MLS and AURA/OMI