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Validation of Stratospheric Ozone: News

3 Mar 2015: Intercomparison paper published in ACP

Lefever et al. (ACP, 2015) describe, compare, validate and discuss the analyses of stratospheric ozone delivered in near-real time between 2009 and 2012 by four different data assimilation systems: IFS-MOZART (which generated the MACC o-suite at the time), BASCOE, SACADA and TM3DAM. It is shown that the characteristics of the assimilation systems are much less important than those of the assimilated data sets. A correct representation of the vertical distribution of ozone requires satellite observations which are well resolved vertically and extend into the lowermost stratosphere.

This paper also explains that the vertical distribution of ozone was erroneous in the MACC o-suite analyses. This issue was corrected on 7 January 2013 with a switch in the version of the assimilated Aura-MLS NRT dataset, from v2.2 to v3.3.